Alaska's Alyeska Resort - Family And Ski Vacation Extraordinaire

The "Land of the Midnight Sun" has always been an amazing source of raw, rugged beauty and many think of Alaska only as a great summertime vacation destination. On the other hand, if you like to ski you may want to consider Alaska when planning your next ski vacation because it has some of the best skiing in the world.

And one of the top resorts in all of Alaska is the Alyeska Resort. Alyeska has a top elevation slightly above 2,700 feet, a vertical drop of 2,500 and the area gets an average annual snowfall of 631 inches.

In addition to offering some of the best skiing in the world, another nice benefit of Alyeska is that you won't run into long lift lines or overly crowded slopes. There are nine lifts, including six chair lifts, two surface lifts and one cable car line. The majority of their trails are designed for the intermediate skier but with 68 trails they also have countless runs for both the beginner and expert.

Night skiing is not only allowed but it may be one of most awe inspiring ski experiences you'll ever have. Snow capped mountains, hanging glaciers and the infamous Northern Lights are just a few of the visual bonuses of night skiing at Alyeska. It was ranked number nine in Skiing Magazine's annual top twenty-five killer ski trip reviews.

The season begins in mid November and runs through mid April at Alyeska and with close to sixteen hours of daylight each day during April, this area of Alaska boasts the longest period of daylight anywhere in the United States. On the other hand, in December, there are only about seven hours of daylight but with their fabulous night time skiing it's really not an issue.

The Alyeska Prince Hotel is the wonderful place to stay. You'll enjoy elegant rooms, fine dining and nightly entertainment is also available. In addition, there are other nightlife watering holes in the area that are not associated with the hotel.

If tubing interests you, then visiting the Glacier Tubing Park is an absolute must. It features two lanes of terrain and a surface lift and everyone in the family will enjoy spending time at the tubing park. The Alyeska Terrain Park is a must for snowboarding enthusiasts. Other winter activities that can be enjoyed in and around the Alyeska Resort include flight seeing, heliskiing, ocean cruising tours, dog sledding, ice climbing, back country skiing, mountaineering and polar bear watching tours.

The Alyeska Resort not only offers some of the best skiing on the continent but when you consider the broad range of available winter activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family, it represents one of the best winter vacation destinations in the world - bar none.

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Air Travel And Luxury Vacations: How Airlines Work

In this new age of information, the concept of people being able to book their own luxury vacations has permeated the mindset of many travelers. These new trends began when airlines made air tickets available for purchase over the Internet. This truly revolutionized the travel industry. But buyer beware, the truth is hidden! When you think you are getting the best air deal available, you may not get the whole story. Take a look behind the scenes on how airline ticketing works.

The Airline’s Goal

When the time comes for you to buy your airline ticket, whether it’s airfare for the beginning of a luxury world cruise or for a quick trip to visit out of state relatives, keep in mind that the airline’s goal is to make people pay in a hurry. By changing prices on a daily basis, airlines attempt to pressure travelers into buying the ticket at that moment. They wish to take you for as much as possible as soon as possible. To enforce this attitude, airlines also charge huge premiums for last minute tickets. Why? Because they can, and because the desperate traveler will pay for it.

Air Tickets and Travel Agents

Now more than ever, airlines are making tickets available online. Keep in mind; though airlines promise the best ticket price, they are talking about for that particular flight. This does not mean that all flights are made available for purchase. If you are dedicated to finding the best price on your own, you should call the airlines directly. But the best choice for all luxury travel vacations and airline tickets is to call your local travel agency. You will probably be charged a small service fee for air tickets, but may still end up paying less than you would online. They will save you the time and hassle of calling the airline yourself. But there are some key terms you need to keep in mind. You can “reserve” a seat with an airline, meaning it is placed on hold and you must pay for it one week before you depart. The only way to reserve is directly with the airlines, and some big name travel agencies like American Express Travel.

Airlines spend millions of marketing dollars to convince you to go to their website to book air tickets. For some travelers interested in purchasing cheap airfare to add on to their luxury travel vacation, the Internet may be a good place to begin. But airlines keep the pressure on by changing prices and holding the threat of selling out to attempt to make travelers pay the most money as quickly as possible. Use all resources available and call a travel agency or the airline direct. Don’t let anyone bully you into paying more!

A Fiji Vacation Package To The Matangi Island Resort

A Fiji Vacation package to a Fijian island sounds like a dream, but the island you select is vitally important. The Matangi Island resort is the perfect solution and in fact is also an ideal place for a Fiji honeymoon. Matangi is like having your own private Fijian Island, and it is a very exclusive small resort, combining privacy, lovely beaches, great staff to guest ratio, good snorkeling, scuba diving, and superb food.

Matangi is a 240 acre island which is privately owned in Fiji’s northern group of islands. It has 11 beachfront bures, and 3 tree house suites; all built traditionally, and each with superb views. The beachfront bures are under the palm trees, and well spaced out for privacy. Each bure has king sized beds in the very spacious sleeping area. There is a good size living area, good en-suite facilities and a verandah. In fact exactly the facilities you would expect to find in a first class luxury hotel, except it looks like a traditional Fijian village where you don’t have to wear shoes!!

It is all to easy to take a Fijian vacation Package and never quite see the real Fiji, the kind of Fiji island vacation where you abandon your watch, your laptop, your television viewing schedule and get the chance to see life Fiji style.

You can do this at Matangi, where meals are announced by the traditional Fijian Lali Drum, and you very quickly begin to live your life not by the clock but by the drum.

Meals are served in the Dining Bure or on the Deck which sits out over the water with wonderful views over the neighboring islands. All three meals plus snacks are included in the daily rate.

The food here is excellent. For breakfast there is a hot menu and a fruit and cereal buffet style selection.

Lunch and Dinner has the choice of salad or soup, a main course and sweet. Add to this afternoon tea and cakes and evening appetizers.

The only things you have to pay for are alcohol, because water, tea, coffee and breakfast juices are included in the daily rate. The menu changes every day and the service is excellent.

One of the best opportunities given whilst staying on Matangi is to be around the local islanders, and the resort ensures you have the chance of doing just this.

There are weekly trips to a traditional Fijian village on the neighboring island of Qama, and if you possibly can then ask to go to the Fijian mass at the Catholic church on Taveuni. Take a picnic on honeymoon cove, and go to the waterfalls.

It is very true to say that Matangi isn’t just for a vacation. Many visitors come to get married, and many many more for the perfect Fiji honeymoon vacation, resort or package. This is a truly romantic spot in a very romantic part of the world. It is the perfect place to relax after all the excitement of organizing and actually getting married!!

A few final points to make. Remoteness has its slight drawbacks, and one of them is the price of alcoholic drinks which have to be imported.

Also you need to be prepared for the flight from Nadi/Suva to Taveuni, as the aircraft is only a fifteen seater.

This is small, so if you don’t enjoy flying, it will be an experience worth relating when you get home.

Matangi doesn’t take credit cards, but again you’ll only need to worry about your drinks bill because you’ll have paid the rest up front. In addition there seems to be no tipping, although you can make a contribution to the staff fund

Matangi is worth it, and finally the cream on the cake is the exquisite snorkeling on unspoilt reefs. Just go, and enjoy your own best Fiji resort.

A Relaxing Vacation In Altea, Spain

Altea, Spain is a small town in the Costa Blanca and is located roughly nine miles north of Benidorm, a popular Costa Blanca city. Altea is one of the few villages in the region that has maintained the atmosphere of a fishing village, creating a tourist area without sacrificing its natural beauty. This small village offers its visitor an atmosphere much more peaceful and quiet than the larger cities. The mountains surrounding the village keep the climate comfortable in the summer months as well as the winter months when the mountains help protect the village from cold winds.

Most visitors to the village fly into the Alicante airport located about an hours drive from the town. There are buses and trains available at the airport to take you to the village, or you can rent a car from one of the car hire companies at the airport. With real estate growing in Altea, you will find many new hotels and apartments in which you can stay.

Altea is the perfect destination for a quiet, relaxing vacation in one of the most beautifully landscaped areas in the Costa Blanca region. Many writers and painters come to the village for its tranquility and beautiful surroundings. The length of stay varies, but most visiting writers and painters stay in the area surrounding the old church, Nuestra Senora Del Conseulo. This church was built in 1910 and has a beautiful Mediterranean style design with its hand-painted tiles and blue dome roof. In fact, the church’s roof is a landmark in the area.

Walking tours are the best way to experience Altea and are available in the town or the surrounding mountains. You can take a private tour or a guided tour of the trails around the village. If you enjoy nature, the mountain walking tours are a great way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in a tranquil environment.

A short distance from the beach and harbor area is a selection of small stores for shopping. Many stores break for an afternoon siesta from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., but the stores are generally open from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Larger stores may stay open all day. There is also a craft market open from Easter through September, offering another opportunity for shopping. You can find a wide variety of reasonably priced handmade items for sale at the market. The market is near the harbor area.

Despite its small size, golfers will still be in luck with the Altea Golf Club offering a great course for visitors to the area. The beautiful climate in the area is great for golfing, especially with the comfortable summers and mild winters. Finally, for some nightlife or more popular tourist attractions, you can take a trip to the nearby city of Benidorm where you will find vibrant nightlife, theme parks and water parks. You can travel to Benidorm by car or by train.

A Coastal Vacations Director Links Consumers To The Best Vacations

When looking for a great family vacation, a coastal sales associate knows the best destinations. Travelers usually do not know the best sites for a great coastal vacation. They look through the newspaper and phone book for special deals.

However, many coastal vacation ads promise great deals but do not deliver. A coastal vacation associate with a home based travel agency will research the sites may visit the sites themselves and recommend only the best vacations.

When customers reach a coastal call center, the coastal sales associate directs the traveler to the best family vacation package available.

The trip recommended by the coastal sales associate may take the family to Florida, California or even the Bahamas. The coastal call center representative of the home based travel agency answers important questions such as:

* How many days do you want to stay?
* Do you prefer a hotel by the beach or in town?
* What time of year will you travel?
* What kind of attractions do you want to visit while on vacation?
* Will this entire family go on this vacation?

The coastal sales associate can give the answers the family needs to make the best decision about their coastal vacation. With the assistance of a coastal sales associate operating from a home based travel agency, no one takes a bad vacation.

Many people desire their own travel agent business. Anyone interested in travel can become a coastal sales associate. Many people start a home based travel agency.

A coastal sales associate can experience the freedom of earning a great salary while working the hours he or she chooses to work.

While operating the home based travel agency, the coastal sales associate learns about the best coastal vacation travel packages available.

The coastal sales associate takes advantage of the travel deals and if the coastal sales associate chooses to use a costal vacation call center, he or she will enjoy a higher income.

The coastal vacation call center answers calls directed from the coastal sales associate and provides information to the caller. The coastal call center employees give costal sales associates a full-time, professional sales staff that closes, handles objections, and collects the money.

The coastal call center employees practically operate the home based travel agency for the coastal sales associate.

The coastal vacation call center does not encourage the coastal sales associate not to sell on his or her own. Instead, the coastal vacation call center adds another sales tool for the coastal sales associate.

The coastal sales associate must generate leads and referral to the call center. A good coastal sales associate with a home based travel agency works smarter, not harder.

The coastal sales associate obtains money, travel opportunities and financial freedom with a home based travel agency business. The coastal call center takes the worry out of “closing the deal” for the coastal sales associate by handling all the details.

With many people choosing to open a home based travel agency business, a smart coastal sales associate will take advantage of all the resources available.

A Nice Savanna Vacation

Almost everyone have their own ideal vacation spot. This usually considered as the perfect place where the worries and toils of survival can be forgotten momentarily. And two natural elements that often characterize this ideal vacation spot are the sun and the ocean.

There must be something about the sea that makes people flock to it. But humans we know are very unique. So for some reasons, other people would rather go for a vacation spot that offer peace and serenity, and perhaps a change of scenery. This for me is what a Savanna vacation represents. The city is replete with historical monuments and other facilities for a relaxing holiday.

For those who have never been to Savanna, you may want to consider it as your next vacation spot. It is certainly a beautiful city; with a pronounced serenity you can't fail to notice as I did the first time I visited the place.

I heard about this classic city as an ideal vacation spot from my brother. I went online and did further research on my own to have a good grasp of this holiday spot. I discovered the city seems to have all that is required for a serene retreat or better still a romantic weekend.

Though Savanna vacation might be an unpopular choice for many holiday fun seekers, it certainly sounds fine to me.

I never really had any chance for a honeymoon when I got married, so I decided that a trip to Savanna will be a perfect romantic getaway. The Internet will provide all the information you want about this majestic city. If historical buildings and architecture fascinates you, then Savanna vacation is tailor made for you.

There are also many exotic dining and shopping districts, and of course captivating sights that attracts many people to the city. The location of the city on the waterfront also provides tourists the opportunity to ride on fairy boats, or take leisure strolls down the coast. An ideal holiday spot don't come better that this.

Because Savanna was once a prosperous place, there is an erroneous belief that the natives don't care about new folks coming in; nothing can be farther fro the truth. Those seeking a serene getaway or romantic weekend can testify to how they were welcomed with open arms.

The natives are nice people. The huge resource of the Internet can provide numerous websites that discussed ideal Savanna vacations. These sites will usually list the interesting places to visit and the desirable things to do. For those searching for that special romantic getaway with their wives or partners, Savanna vacation it's got to be.

A Family Vacation Getaway In One Of The Best Luxury Hotels In Krabi Thailand

So far as luxury hotels go anywhere in the Far East, the Rayavadee in Krabi Thailand is as good if not better than most other luxury hotels.

It is a great beach vacation hotel, with 77 rooms, perfect for a family vacation getaway, and equally fantastic for a honeymoon vacation special deal.

The Rayavadee has to be seen to be believed and everything from the staff to the accommodation, to the grounds, the beaches, and the food are close to being perfect. Krabi is possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth so it is just the perfect position for the Rayavadee.

You have to get to Rayavadee by boat, and the first thing that will strike you is the boat. White leather upholstery and the crew all in matching sailors uniforms. Initial impressions are lasting ones, and this certainly makes you feel you are going to a luxury resort. Moving from the speedboat to reception, the impression continues with details all being taken whilst sitting down with hot towels and drinks, which beats standing around a crowded reception area any time.

The accommodation is top class, and if you are on a family vacation getaway there is the family villa with two bedrooms, one on the ground floor, the extra bedroom being the only difference from the De Luxe Pavilion

A two storey villa, and it is so well equipped with all mod cons. It is the small touches like the bathroom own brand products, the bottles of water everywhere, tea, coffee, and biscuits replaced every day. More food and drinks in a huge sideboard, and chocolates left every night by the bed.

A huge bath which holds two, is a feature of the bathroom, and a huge bed are all part of the ambiance.

A great luxury resort has great food, and on a family vacation getaway with hungry kids to feed, this is a very important consideration. If the reader is considering the Rayavadee for a Beach honeymoon vacation special then food is probably high on your agenda.

You will find the restaurants at the Rayavadee are all of the very best, with impeccable service in each of the four different restaurants. It is fair to say that food is not cheap but the views are just out of this world, and you may find it sensible to go down the beach and eat instead, where you will pay perhaps $15 instead of $100, and get genuine Thai food. It’s perfectly safe and worth the effort.

If you want to be active, then there is lots to do from kayaking through the sea caves hiking, swimming, snorkelling, tennis.

The service from the staff could not be more helpful, you will be treated like every way. The only downside is the service by the pool which seems to be on the slow side of slow, but always extremely polite.

They are exceptional apart from that small point in every way, and are a big part of the success of the Rayavedee.

Words cannot do justice to the incredibly beautiful beaches, especially the Phranang and Railey beaches which have powder white sand and views of islands in the distance with little caves to explore. Beware however of the monkeys, who although friendly are everywhere!!

All in all there is no doubt that the Rayavadee in Krabi is one of the best luxury hotels in the Far East. It is an ideal spot place for a family vacation getaway on some of the best beaches anywhere. It would also be a good choice for a honeymoon vacation special, so look out for some great honeymoon vacation deals.